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The civilized, packable, portable bidet

- Extreme packability with detachable spout that fits inside GoToob XL
- Spout creates firm stream of water with a simple squeeze
- Holds 6 ounces of water
- BPA-free, PC-free, and phthalate-free

Toob - Silicone
Cap / Collar / Spout - Polypropylene (PP)

88g / 3.1 oz

6 fluid ounces

135 X 65 X 53 mm / 5.3 X 2.6 X 2 inches


Here are some “pro” suggestions for using the BidetToob out in the wild.

1. Heavy Lifting: Use some other material to do the “heavy lifting” when you’re first cleaning yourself. A bare stick, a clean, smooth rock, leaves or grass, etc. can all help remove initial fecal matter to make final cleaning easier.

2. Shower Style: Many people find it useful to wipe their butt with one hand while spraying water with the other (basically like you do in a shower). Don’t worry — we’ll get that wiping hand clean!

3. Final Cleaning: Some people like to use a durable wet wipe for final cleaning and touchup. Then, deposit the used wipe in a zip-baggie to pack out and discard.

4. Sanitize: Drop a few drops of hand sanitizer onto your wiping hand and work it around your palm and fingers with that one hand (don’t use both hands together). That will sanitize your wiping hand.

5. Refill If Necessary: Most people find 6 oz of fluid is more than enough for a good clean. If you need more fluid, you can refill and re-spray.

6. Practice Makes Perfect: Using a portable bidet takes some practice. Keep at it and it gets easy. Just think of all that TP you’re saving from the outdoors! It’s worth the effort.